KTM Electric Bikes – Pride to Own

Dolomiti e Bikes take pride in offering most eco-friendly and exclusive range of KTM electric bikes – a name synonymous with excellence and quality!ImageKTM Electric Bikes have earned a niche in the global market of e Bikes giving tough competition to some popular e bike brands in this industry. Austria in Europe is the origin of KTM Company that launched its first motorcycle – R-100 in 1951. This invention became an engineering benchmark and created a great surge in the motorcycle industry.

Working on the concept of electric bike, KTM has offered over 20 electric bikes in different range and models till now. Every model of KTM brand can be trusted for its reliability and all the components installed in KTM models have undergone a stringent quality check making it high-end ebike. Its latest quality control and engineering mechanism test ensures the high-end quality KTM is popular for.


The frame of KTM bicycle sets it apart from rest, which is extremely strong for undergoing a great deal of pressure compared to conventional bikes. The installed tubes and joints are made of thick and strong material for improved stability, durability and strength, making KTM bikes one of the most reliable eBike for all purposes.

It’s also packed with new KTM rack, which can easily accommodate any Racktime bag and basket to this bike. Charged with modern LED lighting technology, this bike can illuminate the roads at night as it is equipped with the intensity of up to 40 lux, and can offer an awesome experience of riding KTM e Bike at night too.

With an objective to carry heavy load easily, KTM bicycles have wheels made from robust rims and solid bars. It transmits the energy generated by motor to the road smoothly making the ride smoother and comfortable. The KTM e Bikes are also integrated with power-packed original batteries, which are adjusted for best application and manufactured by the company of the drive system hence these batteries work to its optimum capacity and reach its maximum lifespan. Due to strong batteries and other associated power pack accessories some of the models even reach 155 km of range!

There is a great range of KTM brand of e Bikes like KTM Macina Cross, KTM eRace and KTM eLycan etc! Go eco-friendly by possessing the new brand and models of KTM eBikes to enjoy the best ride.

You deserve the most thrilling joy of riding KTM mountain electric bikes !


Components your Mountain Electric Bike Should be Packed With

Electric bikes are getting immense popularity due to its Eco-friendliness, performance, rough tough structure and considered to be the best substitute to noise and air polluting other commuting options. Have you ever thought what make this eBike what it is – a perfect alternative to other currently available other vehicles. Here we would have an in depth understanding of the various components that your electric bikes should be equipped with if you happen to buy an electric mountain bike!

Mountain Electric Bikes Collection

The Basics Specification

Wider tires, straight handlebars, suspension are the three prominent things a mountain bike should be equipped with. The gears are also conceptualised to handle the continuous changes in condition of road, slope and terrain. A good quality mountain bikes should be made of lightweight frame, usually aluminium made. Lower range mountain bikes may have a steel frame.  It should have 26-inch wheels, but some may have 29-inch wheels, which may influence the performance of the bike.


A good front-suspension eBike is called a hard-tail, which is mostly installed for moderate mountain electric bikes. This will lighten the jerk in your arms and shoulders. A bike with full-suspension i.e. front and back suspension, will offer much smoother downhill ride, but its design can bring some difficulty in climbing process.


This is one of the major measurement of a bicycle i.e., its stand-over size. This is considered to be the length from the ground reaching the top tube. You must decide what size of mountain bike you would be comfortable with by measuring your inseam (from crotch to the ground) matching it to the stand-over height of the bike. You should have 3-5 inches difference between your crotch and the top line on standing over your bike.

Make Your Budget

It’s important to understand under what parameters you are going to find your dream bike – the budget. If you’re planning to invest under $1000, you should opt for hard-tails. In case you have a budget of over £1000, better you buy a full suspension bike. Just keep £200 for any extra expenses that may arise like shorts, helmet, gloves or backpack etc.

Get Right Style Bike

Just ensure what type of usage you are going to have once you have your eBike? What type of mountain biking exits? Are you going to enjoy cross country or downhill rides? If your goal is likely to be bridleways or trail centers – if you wish to ride across on steeper, rougher terrains better you go for a full suspension bike.

Having the Suitable Treads

Fitting the right tires can also influence the performance of your new eBike. You should be aware of the terrain you’ll be usually riding on, so accordingly you should have your tires fitted with the best possible options for your needs.

Essential Accessories

Once you have got your bike and raring to go, don’t forget to use that £200 you have kept aside for accessory purchase like jacket and helmet. It’s necessary to remember that the higher the budget you can get the best quality, lighter and durable bike.

Some other aspects that can influence your purchase decision may include if you are going to compete in races or you’ll be happy having and riding this bike for some years.

When choosing the right bike it’s always suggested to visit a store, test ride your choicest one and speak with an expert who can provide you with the sound advice.

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Cycles to Europeans are like surfboards to Californians.  A way of life.  Who needs a motor vehicle when a little foot motion can take you for a ride?  The Copenhagen-based blog, Cycle Chic, dovetails their cycling lifestyle and funky fashion, making the art of staying stylish on wheels seem effortless.  I’m taking notes.

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